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Princess of the Midnight Ball

By: Jessica Day George

Being a princess may seem like a dream come true, unless you're under a spell; which is exactly the problem Princess Rose and her eleven younger sisters are faced with. Each night they must travel to an underground kingdom and dance until they have worn holes in their shoes. Unable to figure out where his daughters go every night, King Gregor promises a reward for anyone who can solve the mystery of the dancing slippers. When the young palace gardener, Galen, vows to break the spell, he has a few advantages up his sleeve: magic, and a talent for knitting. But will these be enough or will Rose and her sisters be destined to dance forever? Based on the classic story, "The Twelve Dancing Princesses," this is a book anyone who enjoys fairy tales will fall in love with. It balances just the right amount of adventure, romance, and, of course, magic. 

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