Contacting Chelsea District Library Staff

Phone: 734-475-8732
Fax: 734-475-6190
Address: 221 S. Main Street
Chelsea, MI 48118

Please click here to view the organizational chart of Chelsea District Library.

Library Administration

Lori Coryell
Lori CoryellLibrary Director
Linda Ballard
Linda BallardAssistant Director
Chris Berggren
Chris BerggrenAdministrative Assistant

Circulation Department

Amy Zoran
Amy ZoranHead of Circulation

Information Services

Shannon Powers
Shannon PowersHead of Information Services
Laura Brown
Laura BrownAdult Librarian
Stacey Comfort
Stacey ComfortYouth & Teen Librarian
Amelia Herron
Amelia HerronYouth & Teen Librarian
Gabrielle Hopkins
Gabrielle HopkinsAdult Librarian
Matt Jensen
Matt JensenTechnology Librarian
Catherine Sossi
Catherine SossiAdult Librarian
Jessica Zubik
Jessica ZubikYouth & Teen Librarian

Technology Department

Scott Rakestraw
Scott RakestrawHead of Technology
Everett Mayes
Everett MayesTechnology Specialist

Marketing Department

Virginia Krueger
Virginia KruegerHead of Marketing & Communications

Board of Trustees

Jan Carr
Jan CarrPresident
Finance Committee
Policy Committee

Appointed by City of Chelsea (Through 2027)

Gary Munce
Gary MuncePresident-Elect
Chair, Nominating Committee
Community Outreach Committee

Appointed by Lyndon Township (Through 2025)

Bob Swistock
Bob SwistockTreasurer
Chair, Finance Committee
Personnel Committee

Appointed by Dexter Township (Through 2026)

Dr. Patricia Garcia
Dr. Patricia GarciaSecretary
Chair, Policy Committee
Community Outreach Committee

Appointed by Lima Township (through 2025)

Susan Lackey
Susan LackeyTrustee
Chair, Community Outreach Committee
Finance Committee

Appointed by Sylvan Township (Through 2026)

Wendy Reinhardt
Wendy ReinhardtTrustee
Personnel Committee
Nominating Committee
Policy Committee

Selected as At-Large Trustee (Through 2027)

TJ Helfferich
TJ HelfferichTrustee
Chair, Personnel Committee
Nominating Committee

Selected as an At-Large Trustee (Through 2024)

Lori Coryell
Lori CoryellLibrary Director
(734) 475-8732 ext 206

Monthly Board Packets

Special Meeting Notice

Notices for special meetings will appear here 18 hours prior to the event.

If you would like to request special accommodations to attend meetings,

please send your name, phone number, and email address to:

Open Board Meetings

Open Board Meetings

All meeting are open to the public so citizens may have the benefit of observing Board business. All formal action by the Chelsea District Library Board takes place during the public meetings. Closed sessions may be held to discuss personnel matters, the purchase or sale of property for competitive bidding, dispute involving court action, negotiations with employees and certain disciplinary matters.

We appreciate your interest in your Library. We believe community participation is essential to maintain excellent library services for all members of our District.

Public Participation

Meetings held by the Chelsea District Library are for the purpose of conducting library business. Public input is allowed during set times of these meetings and for specific amounts of time.

We encourage you to express your views on subjects related to the Library. Comments are welcome during times designed in each Board agenda.

Addressing the Board

There are several ways to formally address the Chelsea District Library Board:

Written Communication

You may write a letter addressed to the Chelsea District Library, c/o Board President, 221 S. Main St., Chelsea, MI 48118. Letters received by the Board President are given to the Board and normally become public record.

Telephone Communication/E-Mail

Community members are always encouraged and welcome to telephone the Library Director, the Board President, or any member to ask questions, share information, or discuss any issue of concern. The director may be contacted by email. Please be sure to include your full name and address for a response.

Participation in a Board Meeting

There are two ways to participate in a Board meeting:

You may call the Board President at least five days in advance of the Board meeting and ask to be placed on the agenda. The Board decides what agenda items are to be discussed when they formally adopt the agenda at the start of their meeting. Once approved, you will be allowed to make your presentation to the Board.

You may address the Board during the agenda item listed as “Comments from the Public.”

When addressing the Board, please state your name. If you are representative of an organization or group, please indicate whether you are representing the view of that group. Written statements should be given to the Board Secretary so copies can be made available to the press. Board members may question speakers, but the Board will not necessarily enter into debate or conversation during this portion of the meeting. In general, issues are referred to the Director for investigation, study and recommendation, designation as a future agenda item, or answered through written communication.