Dramarama Book Cover Dramarama
E. Lockhart
Juvenile Fiction
May 20, 2008

Two theater-mad, self-inventedfabulositon Ohio teenagers.One boy, one girl.One gay, one straight.One black, one white.And SUMMER DRAMA CAMP.It's a season of hormones, gold lame,hissy fits,jazz hands,song and dance, true love,and unitardsthat will determine their future--and test their friendship.

RECOMMENDED BY: Jessica Schmidt

Totally obsessed with We Are Liars, I went searching for E. Lockhart’s backlist. Turns out, everything she writes is a page-turner! In Dramarama, Sarah-turned-Sadye and her best pal, Demi, leave boring Brenton, Ohio behind for drama camp. Only, this isn’t High School Musical— the friends they make at camp are actually talented. As in, on-Broadway, fly-out-to-L.A.-for-auditions talented. Sadye and Demi sing and dance their way through auditions, classes, and camp romances, but the stakes get higher as the weeks pass. Sadye’s opinionated outbursts aren’t exactly making her leading-lady material with the camp leaders, while Demi’s became a triple-threat star overnight with little time left for his hometown friend. But Sadye is mint chocolate chip, NOT Brenton vanilla, and the show must go on– even if she’s left feeling like she’s reading from the wrong script.