The Name of the Wind Book Cover The Name of the Wind
Patrick Rothfuss
D A W Books, Incorporated

A hero named Kvothe, now living under an assumed name as the humble proprietor of an inn, recounts his transformation from a magically gifted young man into the most notorious wizard, musician, thief, and assassin in his world.


This is one of my favorite fantasy books. It’s a story about Kvothe and how he became a legend. Kvothe narrates his early years as a traveling musician, the death of his family, his hard life on the streets, and finally his admittance to a prestigious university. The magic is unique and complex and the world full of music and mystery.   This book is also a story about stories. Kvothe is retelling the actual truth behind the legend which is sometimes better and sometimes worse than the legend itself. The book includes many of the classic fantasy tropes that we love to read about. The writing is top notch, with vivid imagery and great atmosphere that makes this book a pleasure to read.