Science Fair Season Book Cover Science Fair Season
Judy Dutton
Hachette Books
April 19, 2011

This is the engaging true story of kids competing in the high-stakes, high-drama world of international science fairs. The Intel International Science & Engineering Fair is the most prominent science fair in the country, and it takes a special blend of drive, heart, and smarts to win there. Dutton goes inside the inner sanctum of science fair competitions and reveals the awe-inspiring projects and the competitors there. Science Fair Season gives readers a glimpse of America's brightest young minds and shows how our country is still a place for inventors and dreamers--the "geeks" our future depends upon.


Super-smart kids using science to solve problems facing the world.  Sounds like some fun science-fiction, but in Science Fair Season, all of the stories shared are true.  With each chapter focusing on a different child and project, the book gives a snapshot of the amazing things that are exhibited in the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair.  Author Judy Dutton writes about science in a way that non-scientists can understand and appreciate, and it’s a book I couldn’t read without sharing facts from it with anyone in the room.