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All tax forms available at the library can be found on the 2nd floor near our community bulletin board.

Federal Tax Forms

The following 2016 federal tax forms are now available at the library. You can access an online version immediately by clicking one of the forms listed below.

Federal 1040 Form
Federal 1040 Instructions
Federal 1040A Form
Federal 1040A Instructions
Federal 1040EZ Form
Federal 1040EZ Instructions

Due to continued Federal budget cutbacks, we will be receiving a limited supply of 2016 tax forms from the IRS.  We will also provide a binder of reproducible forms available for patrons to print copies using our public printer. Cost to print is .15¢/page for black and white, and .50¢/page for color. All federal forms are also available online at or by calling 1-800-829-3676.

State Tax Forms

The following 2016 state tax forms are expected to arrive at the library shortly after February 1. To access online, click on the links below.

Michigan 1040 Instruction and Forms Booklet
Michigan 1040 Schedule 1
Michigan 1040 Schedule 1 Instructions
Michigan 1040-CR-7 Home Heating Credit

For additional State forms please visit

Requesting Tax Forms

If you would like tax forms mailed to you…

Call 1-800-829-3676 or go to
Call 1-517-373-3200 or go to