Safety & Security Updates 3/29/18

To enhance the safety and security of our patrons, we’re making a few changes to how we use our 2nd floor computer areas. Changes will take place beginning Saturday, February 17 and will include:

  • All 2nd floor public computers (except teen and lab) will be relocated to the 3 tables nearest the north facing window and be designated for persons 18 years and older.
  • All Learning Lab computers, while available to anyone, will now be filtered.
  • The Learning Lab will NOT be designated as a “Quiet Zone” Monday through Friday during the hours of 3:30-6:30pm to accommodate increased computer use by youth and teens.
  • Plans are in place to install cameras for monitoring the adult computer area and our main (only) entrance off the east parking lot. We currently have cameras at our staff entrance and at each portico exit door (north and south).

Our librarian staff continue to walk both floors of the building every 15 minutes, proactively monitoring all areas and interacting with those who need reminding that they are in a public place and  need to act according to our policies.

At their March 20th meeting, the Board approved updates to Policy 435: Library Violations Enforcement Policy  as follows:


Section IV.B.1 Initial Violation – Added “If violations of this nature involve a minor, the minor’s parent will be notified as soon after the event occurs as possible, once police have been notified.”


Section V.  A. Meeting with Director – Changed language to put the onus on the patron who has been suspended to request a meeting with the director as follows: “All patrons whose privileges have been limited or suspended shall request a meeting with the Director or the Director’s designee…”


Section V.  B. Conditions Upon Reinstatement – Added “for violations involving potential safety and security as described in B.1 above, conditions will be placed on the violator’s use of the library, the specific nature of which will be at the director’s discretion. A written record will be kept of the conditions once imposed. The violator will be required to sign the record of conditions and will be given a copy.”


Value Statement- we have changed our Core Values statement to include “A safe, secure environment for all library visitors.”