About Kids Read Comics!

Kids Read Comics is a Michigan nonprofit whose goal is to engage young people in reading and making comics. Our annual Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival and other free events take a very different approach from your typical comic book convention. We’re about readers more than fans; about connecting more than collecting; about participating more than passively observing,

Most of all, we’re about a passionate love of comics—a dynamic and delightful form of storytelling that doesn’t need blockbuster movie adaptations to touch millions of hearts and minds. And a medium that means far, far more than superheroes (though we love superheroes too).

At a Kids Read Comics event, you can:

  • chat with comics creators about how they do what they do
  • take part in interactive drawing games
  • unlock your own creativity by learning tricks and techniques for making comics, in a broad range of hands-on workshops

And it’s totally free!

Kids Read Comics was founded by Chelsea youth and teen librarian Edith Donnell, cartoonist and educator Jerzy Drozd of Ann Arbor, comic shop owners Dan & Katie Merritt of Dearborn, and comic book writer Dan Mishkin of East Lansing. You can reach us at

Get into comics with KRC!

You’re never too old or too young to fall in love with them!