Share your talents with the Community!

In an initiative to encourage self-expression and to shine a light on our local artists and photographers, the Chelsea District Library will be showcasing the community's artistic talents on the cover of its quarterly print newsletter. Each quarter we will looking for submissions of authentic, high quality digital images created by residents of the greater Chelsea Area. Everyone is encourage to participate, including students, budding artists, and weekend photographers. Digital images of acceptable artwork types include, but are not limited to: sculptures, paintings, digital artwork, murals, and photography. The Library Director will determine which submissions are acceptable for newsletter covers.

 Recent Publications

Spring 2024
Paper Quilled Tree
Laura Scriven, Culture Creations

Spring 2023: South Meadows Elementary School Mural created by staff and students under the direction of Janet Alford & Penny Olson

Summer 2023:  Jean Vargas

Fall 2023: Eli Zemper

Winter 23-24:  Sue Craig

Spring 2022
Kyle Burnett

Summer 2022
Stephen Brown

Fall 2022
Janet Alford           

22–23 Winter
Woodcarver Jerry Chatfield

spring newsletter front cover image

Spring 2021
Jennifer Carson

Summer 2021
Bella Radomski

Fall 2021
Frank Cianciolo

Winter 21–22
Lucy Taylor

2020 Summer
Lilly Hansen, 7th grader at Beach Middle School

Image of 2019 Spring Newsletter Cover

2019 Spring
Douglas Jackson, Photographer

2019 Summer Newsletter

2019 Summer
Brook Hurst, Budding Artist

2019 Fall Newsletter

2019 Fall
Debby Spooner, Quilter

2018 Spring
Harry Gibson, Stained Glass Artist

Image of 2018 Fall Newsletter Cover

2018 Fall
C.A.D.D.Y. Corner Quilters

2017 Summer
Joan Kimball, Photographer

Newsletter Cover Submission Guidelines

Click here a for printable version of these guidelines.


To meet printing specification, submissions must meet the following requirements in order to be considered. (If you need help understanding these requirements, please contact Virginia Krueger at OR 734-475-8732 x229.)

Photography and Digital Artwork:

  • Digital image size must be at least – 9.5” x 12” at 300dpi OR 2850 x 3600 pixels
  • Color or B/W images are acceptable
  • MUST be in portrait orientation
  • Acceptable formats are: JPEG or TIF

Physical Artwork (sculptures, paintings, drawings, etc.):

We prefer that digital images of physical artwork be submitted using the technical guidelines for photography/digital artwork stated directly above. However, we understand that not everyone has the capabilities to photograph to these standards. Therefore, if your image does not meet these guidelines, your entry will STILL be considered. If chosen and when possible, CDL will help to photograph the artwork to meet printing specifications.


When selecting an image to submit, please consider the quarter in which the publication will be printed, (i.e. Don't send a winter image for a summer publication.) Send digital images to Please limit your submission to 5 digital images per quarter. If you are submitting several images, we suggest using a file sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also mail or drop off a CD, DVD or flash drive to Chelsea District Library, 221 S. Main Street, Chelsea, MI 48118, Attn: Newsletter Image Submission. Disks or drives given to CDL for consideration will not be returned.

If your artwork is not chosen for the newsletter edition they are submitted for, CDL may request that they be held on file for future review, and will only be held on file with the approval of the artist.


Artists must have and keep releases for artwork and/or all recognizable people in their image (signed by all the adults who appear in the photo and by the parents or legal guardians of the all the children photographed) and be willing to submit copies if their image is chosen for our newsletter.


Artists must sign a Digital Image License Agreement if their image is chosen for a CDL newsletter. This agreement verifies that you own the image and that you have the proper model and artwork releases (referenced above) and that you grant usage rights of the image free of charge. Although artists retain copyright, by submitting digital images to Chelsea District Library (CDL), artists are granting CDL the right to use the image in current and subsequent printings of the newsletter in which they appear, whether in print or digital format.


Credit will be given in artist’s name. Should the photographer of the work be a separate individual, credit will be given in the photographer’s name as well – business names will not be listed. Credit will appear in the newsletter in which the image appears and where feasible for other uses.


  • Spring Edition (March, April, May) – Due by December 15
  • Summer Edition (June, July, August) – Due by March 15
  • Fall Edition (September, October, November) – Due by June 15
  • Winter Edition (December, January, February) – Due by September 15

Questions? Contact Virginia Krueger at OR 734-475-8732 x229.