image of CDL library card

Residents of the City of Chelsea, Lyndon & Sylvan Townships, and the Chelsea School District portions of Dexter & Lima Townships support the Chelsea District Library by paying a library millage for library privileges. Residents of Dexter Township who are in the Pinckney School District are also part of the Chelsea District Library.

Residents of Waterloo & Grass Lake Townships who are in the Chelsea School District can receive a courtesy non-resident library card at the Chelsea District Library because they support the Jackson District Library through a countywide library millage.

Residents of Sharon Township, even those in the Chelsea School District, are non-residents as they don’t support the Chelsea or Manchester District Libraries with a library millage and will need to purchase a Chelsea District Library card.

Residents of Freedom Township support the Manchester District Library. Chelsea School District residents in Freedom Township will need to apply for a Manchester District Library card, which can be used at the Chelsea District Library (with the exception of Low Vision equipment, Kindles, Launch Pads & Hot Spots).

Library card renewals and applications are available online. Please select from the options below.

Have additional questions about obtaining a library card or borrowing privileges? Visit our Library User Information page, or call 734-475-8732 during library hours and a staff member will be happy to assist you.