CDL is partnering with SRSLY to create a brand new whitelisted server for teens to play Minecraft together in a safe environment!

How to Play/Join

To play on the SRSLY Minecraft server you can:

Bring back a signed copy of this form to a CDL or SRSLY staff member.

Bring your parent or guardian with you to the Chelsea District Library and signup at the first or second floor reference desk.

Once you have been added to the whitelist you can play on the SRSLY server by doing the following (you only have to do the first five steps the first time):

  1. Launch the Minecraft client
  2. Go to Launch options click add new
  3. Give the configuration a name (ie SRSLY Server)
  4. Change the version to version 1.8.8
  5. Click on the grey Minecraft logo at the top of the launcher 
  6. Click on the little green up arrow next to PLAY and select the 1.8.8 configuration you just made
  7. Click PLAY
  8. Click Multiplayer
  9. Click Direct Join and enter the server address
  10. Click on the Join Server button


Understanding the rules is important to providing a fun, safe time for everyone on the server. The breaking of any rules will result in one warning. If you break a rule a second time, you will be removed from the server. If something is considered illegal or wrong at school, then it is most likely not tolerated on the server. The rules listed here are subject to change at any time. If you have a complaint, please record the date and time of the offense.

Gameplay Rules:

1. No griefing. Griefing is defined as the destruction, theft, or modification of something that you did not build or gather without given permission.

2. No explicit or offensive builds, which includes but is not limited to hate symbols, curse words, genitalia, or builds harassing players or towns.

3. No explicit or offensive player skins, which includes but is not limited to naked skins or those with swastikas or other symbols on them.

4. No large builds intended to deface the map/landscape. Removal is at the discretion of the moderators.

5. No hacks or client mods.

6. No purposely exploiting bugs for any reason.

7. No bypassing any punishment with an alternate account or other method.

8. No causing server downtime via any malicious method.

Chat Rules:

1. Be respectful of all other players.

2. No cursing, which includes words that when said aloud sound like curse words.

3. No insulting, harassment, teasing, name-calling, or bullying.

4. No spamming, which includes spambots, repeated identical messages, random text, repeated letters in words,

or multiple short lines in quick succession.

5. No server bashing, as in no insulting the server staff or the server itself.

6. No discussions on politics, religion, or any other topic that is controversial.

7. No posting malicious or explicit web links, and no advertising.

8. No impersonation of any website, server, SRSLY or library staff.

9. No ASCII art

10. No continued use of wrong chat channels, especially the help channel.